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Cut Sheet:

Mounting Hardware


Wire clips that snap into the ends of the fixture.  V Clips clip into the top or the side of the vented ballast channel.  Comes standard with all High Bay Products. 



Gripper Cable Aircraft cable hanging systems that works with the V-clips and reduces the hanging time versus chain.  The knuckle allows the cable to adjusted like a zip tie. Y-Toggle Cables
Stabilization Bracket Stabilization bracket provides added stability when pendant mounting.  Attaches to the side of the center ballast channel.  Kit comes with mounting screws. Conduit hub sold separately. Stabilization Bracket
Swivel Bracket Ceiling mounted ball joint swivel for 3/4 pipe. Swivel Bracket. Swivel Bracket

Center mount HID hook perfect for mounting to Eye-Bolts or to U-Bolts.

Conduit Hub Attached to the center KO allows for the mating to a 3/4 in. pipe.

The Conduit hub can be attached to the fixture with removing the reflectors.  Compatible with 6 and 8 lamp fixtures.  4, 3, and 2 lamp fixtures require the EB (Extra Ballast) option.

Conduit Hub

Fixture Mounting Box

A junction hub box that is designed to screw on to the back of the fixture for added stabilization.  It can be mated with a pendant, hook, or hub (sold separately).

Amazon Mounting Brackets

Attaches to the back of the Amazon housing allows for mounting without drilling the body.  Included with Amazon fixtures.

Amazon Mounting Clip


Cut Sheet:

High Bay Accessories

Wire Cage

Wire cage kits are comprised of an 11 gauge formed wire cage, 4 retainer clips, and 4 screws. The unit can be serviced by removing the screws on one side and the cage will hinge down. When combined with the lens option, the wire cage shares the side screws with the lens.

H2 with Wire Cage

Occupancy Sensor

All sensors will incorporate a lowering bracket that extends the sensor below the fixture housing. A specific brand and optic may be specified. Sensors are usually factory installed but may be purchased as an accessory to be field installed. Occupancy Sensor

Quick Disconnect

A quick disconnect system integrates a plug to the access plate. The fixture is ordered as a QDC and the cord can be ordered on the fixture or shipped as a separate item. Quick Disconnect

Standard Cord

CORD is a 6 foot 18/3, SJO cord with stripped wires. The standard cord is rated for 120V / 277V and is installed in the fixture with a strain relief bushing. Custom lengths can be specified. Cord caps can be specified with the plugs NEMA number.
(CORD10L715P - 10 foot cord with a 277V, 15A locking plug)

Lens Options

The standard lens kit includes 4 mounting rails and 8 screws. The rails attach to each side of the fixture and hold the lens in place. Servicing can be done by removing 2 screws and sliding the lens out of the fixture. Standard lens thickness is .060 and comes with a smooth texture. A prismatic texture is also available. A recessed hinged style is available in the Himalayan 2 series recessed fixtures. See HSR cut sheet. Lens not available on Himalayan 3 units.  

Battery Back-Up

Battery Back-Up units come installed at the factory. Battery Back-Up units often have different wiring for 120V or 277V. Units produced with universal 120V / 277V ballasts may not come in the buildings voltage and additional connections are required in the field.  
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