Amazon Parking Garage


Amazon Parking Garage Details

    • Features:

      • 2ft and 4ft Enclosures Suitable for Wall or Ceiling Mounts
      • Special Wide Throw Distribution Reflector System
      • Continuous Poured Closed Cell Polyurethane Gasket
      • Impact Resistant, Linear Ribbed Acrylic Frosted Lens (RAFL) Standard, Linear Ribbed Clear Polycarbonate Lens Optional
      • Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets for Drill Free Mounting
      • Polycarbonate Latches (Std), Stainless Steel Available (SS Opt)
      • Tamper Proof Screws (TPS Opt)
      • Fiberglass Body Attributes
        • IP65,IP66 & IP67 (Dust Tight, Low Pressure Water Jets, High Pressure Water Jets, and Immerse 1M)
        • NEMA4, NSF Rated, & 5VA Flame Rating
        • UL Listed/Wet Location, (F1) Rated for Outdoor use
      • ETL Wet Location Rated
      • 5 Year Warranty
      • DesignLights Consortium® Qualified
    • Applications:

      • Parking Garages
      • Pool Areas
      • Food Processing and Preparation
      • Car Washes


    Drill-Free Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket Installation Instructions

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