Are you interested in representing ILP?


You can WIN with ILP.  Our complete and comprehensive line of energy efficient lighting ensures that you will be able to meet any customers industrial needs with products straight from our catalog.  While we have agents in many markets, many territories remain open.  There are many reasons that you should partner with ILP!

  • EXTREMELY FAST RESPONSE – When you need answers, you don’t have time to wait.  Unlike large companies, you can get fast answers on a variety of issues including Pricing, Configurations, Applications, and Delivery.

  • EXPERT CONSULTATION – Send us your drawings, sketches, and power bills and we will formulate a lighting plan that focuses on the end users ROI.  We can lay out the lighting plan and give a cost savings analysis for the project.  No matter what challenges a job has, we have seen it before and can navigate the pitfalls before they become issues.

  • EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION – Every order is confirmed at the time of receipt to the customer and the agent with a formal quote so the products can be verified.  At the time of shipment, the customer and the agent will receive a shipping confirmation with the tracking number and either the carriers web site or phone number.

  • FLEXIBILITY – When an agent supports ILP, we will do everything in our power to not let them lose a job.  Many ILP opportunities are awarded because the customer needed a customization, improved lead time, or a price concession.  The last thing we ever want is for our agent to work an opportunity with ILP and not get the contract. 

  • PROFITABLE – ILP has what it takes to get the biggest jobs and the response that is needed for the smallest.   ILP agents have a very simple commission structure that takes the guess work out of jobs.  ILP pays commissions in a very timely manner and keeps detailed records of every transaction.


Contact us at for more information and to see if we are represented in your area.