We offer the highest quality building blocks to create a scalable and secure full-stack solution. Synapse technology provides an intelligent, wireless lighting system that easily scales to support small sites with a few hundred lights all the way to installations with up to 10,000 lights. Utilizing embedded controllers, wireless technology allows for completely connected solutions that continue to get smarter. From industrial facilities to parking garages and sports arenas, SimplySnap provides a reliable and field-proven solution that is simple to use both indoors and outdoors.



A turnkey energy management system, utilizes Synapse’s proprietary wireless mesh network backbone for your solutions. It is easy to use, quick to install, and built to expand.  Manage and control small parts of a single site or create a larger solution for control over an entire facility or across multiple facilities and locations.


A Proven, Reliable, Wireless Solution
  • Highly customizable – Bluetooth technology allows for grouping and scheduling with ease
  • Compatible both indoors and outdoors
  • Flexible System – Allows for stand-alone local access or cloud-based remote control
  • Wireless Mesh Technology – Provides continuous monitoring to detect any issues promptly
  • No special server required
  • Easy integration into existing BMS systems supporting all scales of projects with a cloud-based structure


  • Individual or Zone Control – On/Off/Continuous Dimming
  • Sensor Support– Use Occupancy and Photocell sensors to manage behaviors across groups of lights
  • Zones – Create groups of lights based on location, function, or type of fixture
  • Scenes – Create custom systems behaviors for one Zone or multiple Zones
  • Schedules – Automate scenes or specific changes using the built in 5 year calendar
  • Daylight Harvesting – Open loop Daylight Harvesting for large interior spaces with natural light
  • Demand Response – Participate in Utility rebate programs with multiple Demand Response options
  • High-end Trim – Reduce energy use by adjusting the maximum light levels across the system
  • Task Tuning – Granular control to adjust light levels in specific areas for specific task
  • Diagnostic tools – System test performed during commissioning can find wiring and component problems before the electricians leave
  • Alerts and alarms – notifications are sent immediately when issues are detected
  • Energy Monitoring – Compare years of energy data across multiple zones
  • External System Integration – Leverage the advanced wireless lighting controls with existing Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Secure Connections – Our mesh network uses industry standard AES-128 encryption

SimplySnap for Outdoor

SimplySnap for Indoor High Bay



Our Gateway controllers serve as the heart of your SimplySnap solution. Explore the Central Base Station Site Control Gateway, SS450 Site Control Gateway and BMS Gateway.

Integrated Controls and Accessories


A variety of control options and accessories for your applications. Explore these blocks including DIM10-220, TL7-B2 Twist-Lock, 5-Button Switches, Wireless Switches,  WSN-DIPM Wireless Sensor, and Antenna Kits.

Wireless Controller

Embedded wireless controllers make

integration into LED luminaires a snap.


FSP Series Sensor


Our wireless sensor interface hardware and energy flow sensors help improve sustainability and profitability in your facility by working in conjunction with SimplySnap nodes and the site controller. Together, they sense data, reveal insights, and eliminate risk.

Three Interchangeable Lenses

  • All lenses available in black and white
  • Coverage choices for mounting heights between 8 and 40 feet
  • Mounts easily onto sensor module on luminaire exterior
  • IP66 rated when installed in luminaires for use in wet locations (indoor or outdoor)
  • Polycarbonate, flame retardant, UV resistant, impact resistant

FSP Sensor


The FSP series are passive infrared (PIR) outdoor sensors that raise or lower the electric lighting level to high, low or off based on motion and/ or daylight contribution. Typically, once the sensor stops detecting movement and the time delay elapses, lights will first fade to low mode, and eventually switch off. When motion is detected, the sensor ramps the light level to high mode unless the daylight contribution is sufficient. The integral photocell can also switch the lights on and off for dusk to dawn control so that lighting remains on overnight even without motion detection.

Coverage and Dimensions


Compatible Luminaires

High Bays
Canopy/Parking Garage
Wall Mounts
Area Lights