Autani Product Tiers

Autani provides the worlds most advanced wireless lighting control solution.  These sensors can be installed in ILP fixtures and throughout your facility to enhance lighting controls based on custom scenes, scheduling, daylight harvesting and more.  With dual-purpose sensors, you can capture light, occupancy, CO2, thermostat, and security data generated by the building and its occupants to deliver actionable insights. Autani sensors and controls can allow you to have a truly smart building – providing energy reporting, demand reduction, ADR compliance, Building Management System Integration (BMS), Advanced Analytics, Desk and Conference reservation systems, Real-Time location Services (RTLS), Space Utilization, and more!

Autani Building Controls



Autani offers three upgradeable tiers. Unlike many IoT solutions, Autani is designed to scale up without having to change hardware.

  • Autani Lite is a room-based lighting control solution; it is easy to install and affordable.
  • Autani Linked is a networked control solution which offers additional functionality such as: advanced scheduling, reporting, metering, and building management integration.
  • Autani Insights is our most advanced offering, providing valuable data insights into a single building or a portfolio of buildings. Here we offer asset tracking, campus-wide wayfinding, 3D facility monitoring and more.

Whichever tier of product you decide on, you will be outfitting your facility with a truly future-proofed solution complete with a powerful upgrade path available when needed.

Autani Lite

Standalone Controls

Our easiest & most affordable solution ever:

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to use
  • Upgraded to Network Controls when you’re ready

Autani Linked

Networking Controls

The Autani Linked platform provides many upgrades and communicates across numerous protocols.

Easy upgrades to next level facility management:

  • Adds additional controls
  • Easy upgrades from Lite
  • Adaptable and scalable
  • Easy to manage
Additional Features

  • Task Tuning and High-end Trimming
  • Low Energy Bluetooth (Sensor Dependent)
  • ADR (Automatic Demand Response)
  • DR (Demand Reduction)
  • Occupancy Controlled Receptacles
  • BMS/BAS Integration
  • Energy Savings Report
  • Non-biased data
  • Tunable White/Human Centric
  • Stability Controlled Daylight Harvesting and Groupings
  • Time-of-Day Dimming Schedule
  • Dim-and-Linger Occupancy Control
  • Follow-Me Lighting Effect
  • Smart Occupancy Reaction

Personalized Settings and Control Fixture, Sensor, Radio Outage Reports


Autani Linked communicates across a wide ecosystem of protocols.

Autani Insights

Spacial Analytics

The Autani Insights platform provides an easy-to-use yet powerful look into building performance, health, and more.

spacial-analytics Insights & Analysis to Improve facility management:

  • Key asset tracking
  • Campus-wide wayfinding
  • Room reservations
  • 3D Facility monitoring
  • Multi-site analytics and insight


Autani Capabilities by Tier


Measure, report, control and optimize energy use in a single building or across multiple facilities—all from a single platform. Generate energy savings automatically, year after year. Enhance the comfort and productivity of building occupants. That’s the power of Autani.

Autani Capabilities Chart

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