Ideal wireless solution for dramatically improving energy savings in commercial, educational, retail & office environments—in addition
to warehouses, gymnasiums, distribution centers & industrial applications. The combination occupancy & daylight harvesting sensor is
controlled via cell phone App enabling the user to easily create groups, setup zones, adjust maximum light output, hold time after motion
detection, background light levels, prolonged time at background light levels, fade time between occupied & background light levels, &
adjust ECO light levels. There is no commissioning, annual maintenance plan purchases, or scheduled technician visits required. Simply
order the desired fixture with this feature pre-installed, download the App, & start taking control of your lighting environment today!


Compact Occupancy / Daylight Harvesting In One Device
  • Create Groups & Setup Zones
    • Control up to 120 Sensors per Group
  • Enabled App Allows You Complete Control Over:
    • Turning On / Off Occupancy and/or Daylight Functions
    • Setting Maximum Lumen Output (100% – 5%)
    • Eco On Level (100% – 5%)
    • Hold Time Once Motion Is Detected (2-100 minutes, or infinite)
    • Background Light Level When Space Is Unoccupied (100% – 5%)
    • Length Of Time Dimming From On To Background (0 – 25 Sec.)
    • Prolong Amount Of Time Background Level Lasts (0 – ∞ minutes)
  • Time to On/Off Light Levels at 0.7 Seconds
  • Easily Controlled via Mobile Phone with Philips MasterConnect Bluetooth App
  • Wireless/Battery-less Wall Switch Available (ESMC/WWS/DR)
  • Saved Program Profiles Allow For Easy Commissioning Of Multiple Zones
  • Max Sensor Communication Range: ESMC-within 30ft, ESMC/HB-within 50ft
  • Selection of luminaires using a list feature on BLE or pointing with a flashlight
  • No need for gateways or other ancillary components
  • Custom product naming: use of driver memory banks to change the name shown in the MasterConnect app Energy reporting

How Grouping Works

How Scenes Work

Product Specification for Commercial

EasySense Dimensions
EasySense Overview
LED Indicator Lights

Compatible Fixtures

Installation Recommendations

  • Mounting Height: 8-10ft
  • 2ft Minimum Distance Away From Windows
  • 5ft Minimum Distance Away From Other Control
  • Max Distance Switch-to-First-Fixture: 33ft line-of-sight
  • Max Distance Fixture-to-Fixture: 40ft line-of-sight
  • Occupancy Sensing area divided into 2 parts:
    • Minor Movement: Y1 & Y2 (person moving <3 ft/s)
    • Major Movement: Y2 & X2 (person moving >3 ft/s)

When installed in a typical office ceiling H, the sensor is sensitive to minor movements within X1 by Y1 area. It will cover minor movements down to a few centimeters at the task area of a desk and is sensitive to major movements within a range of X2 by Y2.

Product Specifications for Industrial

EasySense Sensor Diagram

Compatible Fixtures

Installation Recommendations

  • Mounting Height: 15-50ft
  • 3ft minimum distance away from windows
  • Max Distance Switch-to-First Sensor: 50ft/15m line-of-site
  • Max Distance Sensor-to-Sensor: 50ft/15m line-of-sight


52.2ft 52.5ft
39.4ft 42.7ft
26.2ft 29.5ft
13.1ft 14.8ft
Updated Installed Positioning
ES Side Coverage Industrial
ES Top Coverage Industrial

EasySense App Configuration

Program Steps:

  1. Create Your Group
  2. Add Wireless Wall Switch
  3. Close Group
  4. Configure Group Performance
  5. Program Group
  6. Relax & Enjoy
Program Steps